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Green square graphicOur Eco Policy

Green star  graphicThe carbon foot print

Pretty much everything in the world which is produced has an associated carbon foot print. Individuals and companies alike have a carbon foot print, because they either consume things, produce things or both.

As the product we sell is considered Eco Friendly and can help to reduce carbon emissions and the associated carbon foot print, we try to do the same where ever we can.

To achieve this we do the following;

  • Use recycled or eco friendly products where possible
  • Print as little as possible
  • Optimise our web sites for performance
  • Encourage users not to print from our web sites
  • Allow users to download information from our web sites
  • Use Ecofont when users print from our web sites
  • Optimise our web sites for printing in black & white

Green star graphicRecycled products

As a company we try our very best to use recycled products where ever we can. This includes paper, ink, toner and where we cannot use a recycled product, we try to source an Eco Friendly product.

Green star  graphicPrinted materials

We encourage our employees to print as little as possible and also print in black and white where they can. We try to use a little paper as possible, and as such will try to leave as little documentation with you where we can.

If you require a specific document, we will email it to you or ask that you download it from our web site if it is available. If it is not on our web site, we will do our best to get it to you in electronic format.

Green star graphicHow an optimised web site helps the environment

Our web sites are optimised for speed, which includes the graphics and the way they are coded. You may not think that this would have an effect on the environment but it does.

If a web page downloads more quickly, then the server which hosts it doesn't have to work as hard, and the same can be said for the PC downloading it, which means both consume less power. Imagine the impact on energy consumption if every web site was written this way.

Green star graphicPrinting in black & white using Ecofont

Whilst we encourage everyone to print from our web site as little as possible, we do understand that sometimes it is preferable or unavoidable.

To this is end, our web sites are optimised to print in black and white without any graphics what so ever. We also use Ecofont, which is an Eco Friendly font. The net effect is, if you do have to print, you use less toner or ink, and do not use any colour at all.

If you do not have Ecofont, please read the following section which explains it's benefits.

Green star graphicWhy use Ecofont?

The answer to this is very simple. Ecofont is designed to use less toner or ink. It achieves this by putting holes into each letter, which when printed is hardly noticeable. Not only does it help the environment, it also saves you money.

You can find out more and download Ecofont by clicking on the link below. It's completely free to download the San serif version.

Find out more & download Ecofont

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