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Green square graphicEcosavr the Eco-Friendly liquid pool cover for private pools

Green star  graphicWhat is Ecosavr™?

Image of Ecosavr fish sachetEcosavr contains the same active ingredients as Heatsavr and works in exactly the same way by forming a mono molecular layer over the pools surface which dramatically inhibits evaporation. Click here to find out how Heatsavr works.

Evaporation is responsible for between 70% and 90% of swimming pool heat loss. Ecosavr was developed for small domestic swimming pools of up to 40 M² and will help to reduce evaporation for approximately one month. With Ecosavr, unheated pools will be naturally warmer and heated pools will cost less to run.

Green star graphicShould I use Ecosavr or Heatsavr?

Image of a blue earthThe answer to this question depends on a number of factors. Firstly, Ecosavr was developed as an alternative to Heatsavr for small domestic pools of up to 40 M². If your domestic pool is larger but less than 80 M², then two Ecosavr fish could be used.

So if you have a private domestic pool of up to 80 M², one or two Ecosavr fish would be appropriate.

If however you have a commercial pool of up to or greater than 80 M², then from a public liability point of view, we recommend Heatsavr.

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If you have a question, please feel free to contact us. We can be contacted using the form to the left, using the email address below, or by telephone.

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Our telephone number is: +34 696 99 00 58

Please contact us for a no obligation survey and quote. We would be happy to examine your existing pool setup and work out how Heatsavr will save you money.


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