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Green star  graphicHow much can I save?
You can save anywhere between 20% and 50% on your pool energy bills, depending on various factors regarding your pool set up and type.
Green star  graphicCan I apply the product manually?
Yes you can, but we recommend the use of our automated dosing pump because Heatsavr™ should be applied to the pool in the correct dosage at the same time every day. Using a dosing pump will ensure the correct amount of the product is dosed into the pool at the sane time every day.
Green star  graphicIs Heatsavr safe for bathers?
Yes it is. It has been independently safety tested for use with all types of pool. For more details see our safety information page.
Green star  graphicWhat is Ecosavr™?
Ecosavr is Heatsavr, which is packaged in a handy fish styled sachet. It has been designed to work with pools up to 40 M², retaining the pool heat for approximately one month. It's quick and easy to use. All you have to do is snip the fin and throw it into the pool. Please remember to replace it every month to maintain it's effectiveness.

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Green star graphicWill it have an effect on the filtration system?
No it will not have any effect your pool filtration system. The molecules of Heatsavr are 500 times smaller than the openings in the best quality filters.
Green star graphicCan Heatsavr be used with infinity pools?
Yes, Heatsavr has been shown to save significant amounts with infinity pools.
Green star graphicIs the product Eco-friendly?
Yes it is. Heatsavr is biodegradable and breaks down into harmless compounds. Also, because it saves energy, it reduces your carbon emissions.
Green star graphicCan I use it with a standard pool cover?
Yes you can. It will prevent evaporation at the edges and where tears have occurred. It will also help to retain heat when the cover is off and the pool is not in use.

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