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Green square graphicHeatsavr liquid pool blanket applications

Green star graphicOutdoor pools

A photo of an outdoor pool

Outdoor pools can be naturally heated by solar radiation from the sun. One of the biggest problems with an uncovered outdoor swimming pool is much of this solar radiation is released back into the atmosphere via evaporation. This means your pool heat pump has to work harder to maintain the temperature you require.

The application of a solar pool cover such as Heatsavr™ works in two ways to heat your pool using solar radiation. Firstly, because it is transparent, it allows solar radiation to the enter the pool as normal and secondly, it forms a barrier between the pool and the air, helping to retain more of this solar energy normally lost to evaporation.

This means an unheated pool will be naturally warmer, where as with a heated pool, the swimming pool heat pump does not have to work as hard to maintain the pool's heat, which can only lead to a reduction in energy bills.

Green star graphicIndoor pools

A photo of an indoor pool

The energy requirements of an indoor are far greater than that of an outdoor pool. This is because the air temperature of the pool area has to be maintained at a level which is higher than the pool to control evaporation. The humidity levels on such pools are also higher, so require dehumidification systems.

Heatsavr will reduce your energy requirements for indoor pools in three ways. Firstly, the costs for heating the pool will be reduced because Heatsavr retains pool heat. The cost for dehumidification will be lower because the product is controlling and reducing evaporation. Thirdly, because the Heatsavr is controlling evaporation, you will be able to slightly reduce the air temperature during the day, and significantly lower it at night when the pool is not in use.

Green star graphicHeatsavr auto dosing system

Photo of an auto dosing pumpTo ensure the effectiveness of Heatsavr, it is important that the pool is dosed with the correct amount of the product every day at the same time. This can be done manually but this does not ensure the correct dosage or that it is applied at the correct time.

To make sure use of the product is as labour free and as simple as possible, a dosing pump is available to ensure the Heatsavr is applied to the pool at the correct time and the correct dosage every day.

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Green star graphicHeatsavr in action

Photo showing steam rising from a poolPhoto showing the pool after heat saver is applied Before Heatsavr is applied15 min. after applying Heatsavr

Green star graphicSmall private residential pools

Photo of a private pool

Small residential pools suffer from the same problems as larger communal, public and resort swimming pools whether outdoor or indoor. Obviously these problems are on a smaller scale, but heat loss, dehumidification and heating are still costly factors in maintaining a small private pool.

These types of pool can still benefit from the use of Heatsavr, in the form of an alternative product called Ecosavr™. One Ecosavr fish will help to maintain the heat of a private pool of up to 40 meters square for approximately one month.

Green star graphicSpas

Photo of an jacuzzi in a spa

To all intents and purposes, Spas are indoor pools but with a difference. Your typical Spa will have normal indoor swimming pools, but they will also have hot tubs, Jacuzzis and special pools for specific uses. The latter will normally be heated to between 34° and 36°C. These types of installation increase the potential for evaporation and heat loss due to the increased temperature.

A Spa can benefit from Heatsavr in the same ways as a traditional indoor pool for normal pools, but the benefits increase for the hotter specialised installations due to the increased temperature.

Green star graphicInfinity pools

Photo of an infinity pool

An outdoor infinity pool gives the user the impression or optical illusion that the pool they are in seamlessly joins another large body of water like the ocean or a lake. With these types of pool, the water leaves the pool on one or more sides, sometimes forming a water feature such as a waterfall.

You would think because the water is constantly leaving the pool in this fashion that Heatsavr would not be effective in this scenario. You would be wrong.

Because Heatsavr is being constantly circulated around the pool via the filtration system, the product is constantly fed back into the pool, so the use of the Heatsavr can still reduce pool heating bills when used with infinity pools.

Green star graphicSolar Panels

Photo of some solar panels

Solar panels are an environmentally friendly way to heat your pool, and Heatsavr is the ideal companion for this type of heating system. Heatsavrwill help to maintain your pool's temperature over night, meaning your solar panel heating system will require less time to bring your pool up to temperature in the morning.

Click on the following link to find our more about Solar Panel Installations in Tenerife.

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