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Green square graphicSafety first - Health & Safety information about Heatsavr

Green star  graphicIndependently safety tested

Heatsavr™ is safe to use with all types of pool installation, has been independently safety tested and several reports produced by;

  • Aquatic Consulting Services of San Diego
  • Aqua Science Consultants PTY Ltd
  • NSF International
  • UK Department of Health

The main component of Heatsavr is isopropyl, which is an alcohol based substance. The isopropyl is used as a delivery agent for the active ingredients of Heatsavr and quickly dissipates. This substance has been tested and discussed within the Aquatic Consulting Services report, and has been found to be safe and non hazardous to pool users.

Green star graphicCertification in Spain

Heatsavr has been certified by Ministerio de Sanidad y Consumo, and approved for use in Spain. It is also in the process of being certified by the European agency REACH . Click here to view the Ministerio de Sanidad y Consumo certificate.

Green water drop graphicHeatsavr will not affect your pool's users

Heatsavr is transparent, odourless, tasteless and completely undetectable by pool users. It is PH neutral so will not burn or affect even the most sensitive of skin and it leaves no residue.

It will not affect the quality or chemical balance of your pool water and is compatible with all pool filtering systems with the exception of ozone filtration. If you are still using an ozone filtration system, you should consider changing it as they are costly to run and not environmentally friendly.

Green star graphicUK Department of Health Report

Conclusion: Eye irritation
"The test material, CODE NUMBER: 329179 (50 ppm)*, produced a maximum group mean score of 0.0 and was classified as NON-IRRITATING (CLASS 1 ON A 1 TO 8 SCALE) to the rabbit eye according to a modified Kay and Caladra classification system."

Conclusion: Skin irritation
"A 50 ppm* dilution of the test material, CODE NUMBER: 329179, produced a primary irritation index of 0.0 and was classified as a NON-IRRITANT to rabbit skin according to the Draize classification scheme. No corrosive effects were noted."

Green star graphicAquatic Consulting Services report

This report discusses pool water quality, chemical balance of the pool and the effect of isopropyl on water quality, chemical balance and risk to pool users.

The report concludes - "Even at peak levels of concentration found in the pool, toxic risks of exposure by bathers to isopropyl alcohol are negligible. Levels 30 times as high are permitted by the Food & Drug Administration in beverages consumed by bathers sitting around the pool."

This report was passed to another consultancy, Lapin Associates, for an additional opinion. The same conclusion was reached. This additional report can be found at the foot of the main report.

Green star graphicAqua Science Consultants PTY Ltd Report

This was a very comprehensive test carried out on a public indoor swimming pool and the report covers amongst other things, Chemical Analysis, Microbiological Analysis and Bather Comfort.

Excerpts from the report;

"Chemical parameters stayed within requirements of the Standards during the addition of Heatsavr. No microbial indicators were detected at any time and microbial quality was consistently exceptional for both minus/plus Heatsavr treatment."

"Bather comfort remained consistent prior to and during the addition of Heatsavr. No bather effect was observed, with the addition of Heatsavr"

Green star graphicNFS International Toxicology Report

For a further Heatsavr safety opinion, the original Aquatic Consulting Services report was given to NFS International. They concluded;

"The studies provided would suggest there to be a low probability of skin or eye irritation under acute exposure conditions."

"The product appears to have no deleterious effect on chlorine based sanitizers when used in accordance with manufacturers use instructions in a pool."

"There is reason to believe that the primary constituents are either food/pharmaceutical grade which have prior sanctioning for use as a direct food additive."

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